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Rebranding and Digital Marketing

Zenbox works closely with Mountain Vector Energy to build their online presence.  We developed branding and messaging from the ground up, resulting in a new image that the entire Mountain Vector Energy team helped create. Now they are publicly sharing their company through via their website–just in time to be recognized as New Mexico’s fastest growing small business! At first, Mountain Vector Energy’s team of 7 was unsure of how to present their services and new software application. They wanted to ensure that their new branding would capture the spirit of their business.

Zenbox met with the entire team regularly to determine the words and imagery that should be used to describe Mountain Vector Energy. These meetings directed the creation of: 

  • Logos 
  • Icons
  • Colors and fonts
  • Team photoshoot
  • Letterhead stationary 
  • Email signatures
  • Power Point pitch deck
  • Website
Visit Mountain Vector Energy’s Website

 Zenbox continues to work with Mountain Vector Energy to drive more people to their website through search engine optimization. Using keyword strategy and targeting through content creation, Zenbox works to increase web traffic and add to the website while meeting Mountain Vector Energy’s needs as they arise.

Premier Diagnostic Imaging Logo

Online Scheduling & Forum Development

Premier’s leadership team consults with Zenbox regularly to find ways of improving the company’s marketing. Two successfully implemented projects have been the development of an online ideas forum for employees and an initiative to increase patient scheduling for mammography.

Premier Diagnostic Imaging serves a seventeen-county area in the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee by providing a full-service medical center for outpatient diagnostic testing, including: MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Mammography, X-Ray, Nuclear Medicine, Joint Injection and Bone Density Testing.

The leadership at Premier Diagnostic Imaging approached Zenbox with a desire to involve employees in generating ideas for the company. Inspired by the book Pre-Commerce by Bob Pearson, the goal was to make Premier a better place to work and improve service to patients by cultivating ideas from the organization’s fifty employees.

Online Forum Idea Submission

I set up a Premier Ideas Forum that allows employees to submit their ideas and gain points toward an incentive system including gift cards and paid time off. Employees can submit anonymously if they choose, and they have the opportunity to rate and comment on others’ ideas and suggest solutions to questions posed by management. Many of the employees’ ideas are quickly implemented, and the management team responds to all ideas. There have been several improvements for both employees and patients so far, and the Ideas Forum has been a morale booster for the company.

Another goal for Premier was to increase mammogram scheduling. The Premier Center for Women offers 3D mammography to detect breast cancer in its early stages, and the procedure is recommended annually for all women over forty. Zenbox helped identify and and provide specific advertising for three groups of people: women in the community who had never been to the Premier, women who had come to Premier for other tests besides mammograms and women who had received mammograms at Premier but were now overdue.

Zenbox Marketing Online Scheduling

Zenbox helped revamp the department’s marketing by designing postcard mailers, an online landing page leading to online scheduling, and massage oils with breast self-exam instructions on the labels. Zenbox also initiated the practice of giving out appointment cards for the next year’s exam after each appointment and made dialogue charts for employees to ensure that the appointment cards were well-received by patients. Through online advertising, Zenbox also helped launch a new technology providing more comfortable mammograms.

Website Development & Email Marketing

For 6 years I increased sales as McLarry Fine Art’s online marketing director. I designed and developed a website for the gallery featuring full-screen, responsive images to enhance the remote buying experience, fueled by email campaigns with dynamically generated content.    

McLarry Fine Art is one of the most prominent galleries in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the city with the third largest art market in the United States. The gallery represents traditional artwork from over 30 artists across North America. For 6 years, I increased sales through email marketing, website improvement, social media and online promotion as their Online Marketing Director.

Art Gallery Website Design

One of my biggest projects for the gallery was designing and developing a new website. I reinvented the gallery’s website to reflect the high quality of artwork being displayed. Full-screen images encouraged collectors to discover new work from their phones, tablets and computers. Artists were featured with images of available and sold work, biographies, article archives and videos. The responsive design allowed for an enjoyable browsing experience to keep collectors coming back on their phones and tablets.

I drove traffic to the website through email marketing and social media, including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Email campaigns were a huge source of sales. Website visits from email campaigns increased by over 400%, and I was awarded by Constant Contact for “significant achievements leveraging online marketing tools”. In addition to emails announcing upcoming exhibitions, I developed an Artist Watchlist, which enabled me to send dynamically generated content specific to each contact’s interests. This enabled me to send one monthly email announcing all the new work that had entered the gallery, and the recipients only received the specific content that they had expressed interest in. These targeted emails generated much higher engagement than general newsletters.

Zenbox Marketing Interactive Map Development

Since most of McLarry Fine Art’s visitors are tourists, I worked with a Google Photographer to feature a virtual tour of the gallery on the website and on Google Maps. I also developed a map for visitors to Santa Fe highlighting the gallery’s recommendations for food, lodging and attractions. Javascript and APIs from Google Maps and Google Places powered the interactivity of the map, and I worked with the New Mexico History museum and a local artist to make the artwork consistent with historical Santa Fe documents.

Activate World Logo

Illustration & Graphics

Zenbox was honored to provide a graphics campaign to assist in the launch of the Activate World Podcast. For each guest on the podcast, Zenbox provides a digital portrait painting paired with graphics announcing the episodes and quotes to entice listeners.

Activate World’s mission is to bring substance, depth of thought and a non-ideological perspective to teach business activism to leaders. The podcast interviews experts in fields related to corporate social responsibility, and the guests range from CEOs to professors to political organizers. The graphics provide unique and visually engaging images to share on social media.

Podcast Graphic by Zenbox Marketing
Zenbox Marketing illustration

Branding Research

This branding project enabled the River Arts District Artists, representing over two hundred individuals, to market themselves cohesively. I interviewed twenty artists at random to identify common values and problems, using the information to define the community’s characteristics.

The River Arts District artists make their studios in former industrial and historical buildings by Asheville’s French Broad River. With their media ranging from basketry to paintings to ceramics and a myriad of other materials, the association of artists struggled to find unifying qualities for the district’s marketing.

The goal of my work with the River Arts District Artists was to find a way of aligning public image with the personality of the district. The working artists’ studios, which often included selling spaces, were neither polished galleries nor craft fair booths, yet they suffered from misconceptions related to both of those models. Tourists were caught off-guard by irregular studio hours and artists complained that they were often interrupted at work. To better communicate the personality of the district and attract quality buyers, I first needed to find out how this loosely associated group of artists wanted to be portrayed.

I randomly selected a sample of twenty artists to interview, and from analyzing the results I identified themes related to Visitor Disconnect, Environment, Experience, Community and Diversity. I concluded that more should be done to attract adventurous buyers by encouraging visitors to view the experience as a treasure hunt. By framing the River Arts District in the context of its history, its value could be better communicated to visitors.

Art Branding by Zenbox Marketing

My recommendations included making marketing materials consistent, describing the history of the district, drafting visitor etiquette guidelines, and defining the words and ideas that could be used to market the district. Now that the River Artist District Artists have a unified message, more visitors have rewarding art-buying experiences.

Creative Startups Logo

Customer Relationship Management

Zenbox Marketing worked with Creative Startups to track its revenue pipeline by developing a customer relationship management system (CRM). After consulting with the owners and employees to identify different customer types and sources of revenue, I implemented a new cloud-based system.  

Creative Startups is a global startup accelerator, dedicated to driving the creative economy and creative entrepreneurs’ success around the world. They educate startups working in gaming, media, VR, animation, publishing, fashion and beauty, throughout the United States, Middle East and Asia.

Increase revenue by tracking leads

To better serve the creative community, Creative Startups approached Zenbox Marketing for help in building a sophisticated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform and system that would meet the unique needs of this rapidly expanding company. Because their operations are different from a traditional retail business, Creative Startups needed a custom set of processes that would enable them to work together as a team and track their interactions.

Zenbox was there to manage the transition from inception to implementation. After consulting with the Creative Startups team I developed a system that would allow them to segment their contacts and track revenue opportunities. All existing contacts were brought out of individual team members’ Gmail accounts, address books and spreadsheets and into the new CRM. Zenbox Marketing provided training sessions for everyone at Creative Startups on how to use the software to enter new contacts, categorize them, create tasks, and link email conversations.

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