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Online Scheduling & Forum Development

Premier’s leadership team consults with Zenbox regularly to find ways of improving the company’s marketing. Two successfully implemented projects have been the development of an online ideas forum for employees and an initiative to increase patient scheduling for mammography.

Premier Diagnostic Imaging serves a seventeen-county area in the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee by providing a full-service medical center for outpatient diagnostic testing, including: MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Mammography, X-Ray, Nuclear Medicine, Joint Injection and Bone Density Testing.

The leadership at Premier Diagnostic Imaging approached Zenbox with a desire to involve employees in generating ideas for the company. Inspired by the book Pre-Commerce by Bob Pearson, the goal was to make Premier a better place to work and improve service to patients by cultivating ideas from the organization’s fifty employees.

Online Forum Idea Submission

I set up a Premier Ideas Forum that allows employees to submit their ideas and gain points toward an incentive system including gift cards and paid time off. Employees can submit anonymously if they choose, and they have the opportunity to rate and comment on others’ ideas and suggest solutions to questions posed by management. Many of the employees’ ideas are quickly implemented, and the management team responds to all ideas. There have been several improvements for both employees and patients so far, and the Ideas Forum has been a morale booster for the company.

Another goal for Premier was to increase mammogram scheduling. The Premier Center for Women offers 3D mammography to detect breast cancer in its early stages, and the procedure is recommended annually for all women over forty. Zenbox helped identify and and provide specific advertising for three groups of people: women in the community who had never been to the Premier, women who had come to Premier for other tests besides mammograms and women who had received mammograms at Premier but were now overdue.

Zenbox Marketing Online Scheduling

Zenbox helped revamp the department’s marketing by designing postcard mailers, an online landing page leading to online scheduling, and massage oils with breast self-exam instructions on the labels. Zenbox also initiated the practice of giving out appointment cards for the next year’s exam after each appointment and made dialogue charts for employees to ensure that the appointment cards were well-received by patients. Through online advertising, Zenbox also helped launch a new technology providing more comfortable mammograms.

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