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Bigelow Studios consulted Zenbox on innovative ways of marketing garden sculptures online. The result was a thirty-page picture book targeted toward adults, released incrementally on the Bigelow Studios blog, Facebook and Instagram. The book engaged an audience of gardeners online who were previously unaware of Bigelow Studios.

Bigelow Studios, which creates quality garden ornaments by hand, wanted a way to promote their sculptures online. Zenbox proposed writing a story involving each sculpture in the studio’s product line. At the core of their philosophy was the environmentally-conscious approach with which they crafted their sculptures, so it was decided that environmentalism would be a main theme in the book.

The animals set out on their adventure, and along the way explored topics such as loneliness, accepting help, taking time to enjoy, and of course, managing earth’s resources. The story added a new dimension to the Bigelow Studios product line.

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