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Search Engine Specialist (SEO)

  • User Experience
  • Copywriting
  • Web Analytics Analysis
  • Content Marketing
Brandie Erisman SEO
These increases in website visitors were the result of user experience improvements.
Examining search position relative to business competitors

Brandie Erisman has been in the web business since before Google was a thing.

Brandie is a search engine specialist. Search engine optimization (SEO) incorporates all the web and digital marketing skills and insights she’s developed over the years, from web design and copywriting to social media management and analytics analysis. She credits her former career as a newspaper and magazine journalist for nurturing her curiosity and making her great with deadlines – both attributes she uses daily.

As well as collaborating with marketing agencies, like Zenbox Marketing, Brandie also works with small and medium-sized businesses, helping them find a clear and compelling online voice.

Originally from Florida, Brandie now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico When not helping clients get found on the web, she enjoys growing things, reading and writing fiction, and searching for the perfect burger.

Pro Tip:

“While SEO trends (and the Google algorithms) frequently change, a website that provides a great customer experience will never go out of style.”

One of our websites. A website's technical health affects its search engine rankings.